It often comes as a shock to the English to learn that they do have a national musical heritage that rivals those of the Celtic countries, and what shocks them even more is the ability of this troupe, made up of youngsters aged between ten and eighteen years. The team was formed in 1990 to maintain the participation of youngsters through the critical teenage years. Its value has already been proven by the many 'retired' members who continue to have a strong involvement in the folk scene around the country. This year's group of over 20 performers come from all over England.


NYFTE performances are a mixture of traditional material complemented by modern items in keeping with the tradition. Social Dance, Clog and Stepping, Cotswold, Border and North-West Morris, Garland, Rapper and Longsword all feature. All the dance items are performed to excellent musical accompaniments; whilst musical items in their own right and songs are also vital aspects of our programme.


Each year NYFTE holds a variety of training events including a week-long course at Easter, culminating in a complete display of our repertoire. The group then visits a number of folk festivals throughout the Spring and Summer, by invitation.

We welcome general enquiries about membership at any time during the year with selection through audition each Autumn. Performer Members meet general expenses through a team subscription and also the cost of their food, travel and keep.


We would like to acknowledge the generous donations received from many clubs and individuals, and thank them for their continuing help. To contribute general support or donations please use the 'contact us' button on the left.

Next NYFTE Event

The first event for 2020 is the training weekend 22nd to 23rd February.


For other events see the dates page.