Interested in joining NYFTE?

If you're aged at least 10 and less than 18 and interested in joining the team, please get in touch - see the 'contact us' page.

We can offer you:
  • The friendship of young people sharing your interest in folk
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones
  • The chance to learn from respected tutors and your peers
  • Teamwork and a chance to develop your leadership skills
  • Opportunities to perform at festivals and concerts at home and abroad
  • Extra confidence in your own abilities

Each year we hold a variety of training events including a long weekend course at Easter, culminating in a complete display of our repertoire. We then visit a number of folk festivals throughout the Spring and Summer, by invitation.


We welcome general enquiries about membership at any time during the year with selection through audition each Spring.


Performer Members meet general expenses through a team subscription and also the cost of their food, travel and keep.

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