We are fortunate enough to have some very generous supporters, both individuals and organisations, particularly social dance clubs. You can see details of some of them on the supporters page.


We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers and funded by donations from supporters and the contribution of parents. We do not receive any funding from national folk organisations or government institutions. We require a flow of income to keep the team financially viable.


Regular expenses include

  • Costumes
  • Equipment (wrappers, swords, sticks)
  • First aid supplies
  • Amplification equipment
  • Van maintenance and fuel
  • Printing
  • Expenses for tutors and team organisers
  • Covering some of the costs of our training and performance events so that the full price of attendance does not fall on parents.
  • During 2020 we had to switch our training on-line, so we can now add video conferencing fees to the expenses!


As the UK comes out of pandemic lock-down we are extremely keen to create opportunities for the team to meet and practice in person. On-line events have their place, but they also have their limits and are not as good as face to face encounters at promoting the friendships and sharing that are very much a part of the NYFTE ethos. We anticipate that our training costs will be higher than usual this year since we expect that, at least at first, we will not be able to bring the whole team together in one place, so will be paying multiple venue fees.


In normal years much of our fundraising takes place at live events. We know that many of our usual events will not be taking place this year, or at least will not be taking place in a form that can support 40 young team members and their families. 


Consequently on-line forms of giving will be important to us again this year. If you would like to contribute please go to


If you would rather not give in this way, please drop us a message via the contact form and we will be happy to share with you details that will allow you to send us a cheque.

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