Calendar for 2021

With the Covid-19 pandemic none of the team's 2020 public events took place. While we had prepared a calendar for 2021, mostly on the basis of carrying over events from 2020, many of those have also been cancelled or moved on line.


It is out intention to set up face to face practices are restrictions and prudence permit, starting with small groups rather than the whole team. We hope to perform in public later in the year. As we become more confident that the public events will take place we will publish them here.

Previous years

For the record and so that you can see the sorts of things we do, here is our diary from previous years


Feb 22nd to 23rd

Cause training weekend

April 4th

CANCELLED (see DERT web site for details)

Several NYFTE rapper teams were to have taken part in DERT

 April 5th to 11th

CANCELLED Tockington training week.

We switched to our first online training week and AGM

 May 22nd to 25th

Chippenham Folk Festival


A virtual team event will take place instead and we intend holding the usual meeting for parents as well.

 June 5th to 7th

Ossett Beercart


There will be a virtual team event; 

 June 26th to 28th

Sheffield Youth Folk Weekend

Replaced with virtual team event

We will run another virtual weekend on these dates

 July 24th to 26th

Warwick Folk Festival


A virtual team event will take place instead

 September 4th to 6th

Wallingford BunkFest




Next NYFTE Event

The team will be holding private training sessions during the year as lockdown conditions permit. Details of these are on the members only section of this site.


We are providing video performances so some festivals at which we normally perform.


We hope to appear in person later in the year. Keep an eye on this list