NYFTE Annual General Meeting 2021



The Annual General Meeting of the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England will take place on

Sunday May 9th 2021 , starting at 14:00

and will take place as a video conference.



Connection details will be sent to the current members or may be obtained by application to the Chairman or Secretary. Reports and other documentation for the meeting can be found in the password protected area beneath this page in the site index; the password will be sent with the connection details. In the interests of and efficient meeting we would ask that you review the documentation in advance, particularly the financial reports and the proposed changes to the constitution.

Chair – Rhodri Davies
Secretary – Tina Morris


1.       Guidance on the operation of the virtual meeting

2.       Apologies

3.       Minutes of previous meeting

4.       Matters arising

5.       Changes to the Constitution

6.       Operations Annual Review

7.       Artistic Annual Review

8.       Financial Report and Accounts/Adoption of Accounts and to appoint an external scrutineer.

9.       Setting of Membership Fees for the next year (level, payment date and term)

10.   Election of Office Holders & Committee Members

11.   AOB


Any nominations for the committee or additional items for the agenda should be sent to the secretary 21 days prior to the meeting.

The experience last year was an online video conference worked well for the AGM. We are still in the situation where it seems irresponsible to bring a large group of people together for a meeting like this, we don't have a definite event like the Tockington training week to act as an anchor for it and we can't be certain what restrictions may be in place at the time anyway. Consequently, the committee have decided to make use of video conferencing again for the AGM.

There are a number of changes proposed to the constitution varying from minor typographical errors to a change in voting rights. The proposed changes and a commentary on that will be published on the website as mentioned above or they can be requested from the secretary

The current members of the Committee are;

Operations Director / Chairman / Publicity

Rhodri Davies

Artistic Director

Jess Arrowsmith

Technical Director

Chris Nikel


Tina Morris


Suzanne Ford


Vicky Cooper Wilde


Carolyn Davies


Stephanie Andrews

Committee member without portfolio

Simon Cooper Wilde

Chippenham event organizer

Charlotte Pascoe

Deputy Artistic Director (Co-opted)

Aidan Hansell


All are eligible for another term and all, with the exception of Simon, are willing to stand again this year. This will, however, be the last year that some of the members will be available, so it would be an advantage in terms of smooth handovers  to identify people interested in the roles listed below so that they may be co-opted to the committee and work alongside the current member. The roles in question are:

         Secretary – responsible for minutes of committee meetings and AGM, coordinating communications.

         Pastoral Care – responsible for the well-being of the team, being present at most events, known by and trusted by the team. It is an advantage if they are one of the first aiders.

         Costumes – responsible for preparation, maintenance, storage and cleaning (this is a big one!) of kit. Present at most events to distribute and recover kit.


         Van Keeper – Vicky and Simon have also acted as caretakers and drivers for the team van, which is kept at a storage facility but needs to be brought to events.

Next NYFTE Event

The team will be holding private training sessions during the year as lockdown conditions permit. Details of these are on the members only section of this site.


We are providing video performances so some festivals at which we normally perform.


We hope to appear in person later in the year. Keep an eye on this list